Get the Look | How to Wear Ruffles on the Top Half of the Fashion Equation

Today's 'Get the Look' is all about a little ruffle action courtesy of a Mulberry sleeveless top. I adore it, but does it adore me? That's the question we all ask right? We see something amazing, fall in love with a look in a glossy mag or catalog, and then start wondering, "will it look good on me?"

Is there going to be mutual fashion admiration or will this be a mis-match?

It's a great question. Compared to the styled-out, touched-up models, we (I'm generalizing here, but based on my own industry experience and styling clients, I'm guessing most of you can relate) are working with real-woman figures, no photoshopping, and the ever-present time crunch that occurs every morning as we ask the million dollar question: what am I going to wear today?

A great product (top, pant, jean, etc...) is one thing. A great piece that works for you and not against you is another. The trick is knowing what works best for your body type. On to the look, and then I'll touch on which body type this works for so you can see who should get the look and who may want to pass:

how to wear ruffles for day

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Body Type Recap: The volume that the ruffles bring on top work well for our Rectangle Ladies out there, just make sure you cinch it in with either a belt (soft, nothing too rigid to fight against the fabric) or possibly a layer of a more structured cardi/blazer that adds  definition by narrowing at the waist. Apples, walk away from the ruffles on top and go with something clean, streamlined, v-neck, etc. Your aim is to narrow your top and balance out your proportions with the bottom half.

Hourglass ladies, if you have a fuller bust you will want to cinch in the waist and swap out the skinny pant for something with more oomph along the hem. A bootcut or slight flare, let alone a wide leg (fitted through the thigh though), would be perfect to keep things in proportion.

And finally, my gorgeous Pear ladies out there. These ruffles are your friend because they will add shape and a little extra volume on top to balance out your curves below. No need to cinch in at the waist here. Just let it flow.


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