Get Inspired with an Issa Dress, a Robot, & Playtime

It's time to take a quick minute, breathe, and get inspired. On your inhale, let your eyes wander to the bottom left. Right, what you see is a relatively random image of a robot and young girl that I happen to adore. Why? I don't know nor do I care to fully explain. I will however say that it just looks like bliss, and sometimes I miss bliss.

On your exhale, let your gaze wander a bit to the right. Mmmm, hm. I know, let it out. It's perfection in the form of a bright blue dress from none other than Issa.

When it comes to styling my clients, I'm just like everyone else, I need a little inspiration now and then. There's plenty out there tow work with, and I've been compiling what I call my Looks Library for years now. It's my 'holy grail' compilation of any kind of look I could find that resonated with me from street style images, to runway looks, editorial shots covering the pages of glossy mags, and yes, even shots of celeb style. You name it, it's in there, and every time I open my eyes, I get inspired. But why does it have to stop with pictures of people right? Right.

Instead of breaking down a runway look to shop and bring it to reality, I'm taking a cue from actual 'art' today. The image of the little girl, hair blowing in the wind, holding hands and spinning with what I could only assume to be is her robot bestie, made me smile. It made me think about how caught up we can get in the 'shoulds' of life and how quickly we let those 'adult responsibilities' distract us from what I believe is an important part of being human, and that is, our capacity for 'play.' When we play, we feel good.  And you know how I feel about feeling good...

Every look, every piece in your closet has a story behind it. Usually, the piece is purchased and THEN the story comes. Flip that and reverse it. First, the story, second, the Issa dress that you can look at every time and know it's there for you, just waiting to go for a little twirl.


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Pop quiz: when’s the last time you held hands with a friend, you both leaned back until your grips tightened, and then began run in circles, where the only thing keeping you from falling down amidst the belly laughs is your vice-like hold on your favorite person's hands? Yea, it's been awhile right? I know.

If you’re at all like me, and have been playing ‘grown-up’ for a few years now (read: corporate America, beige walls, beige cubes, beige life, all-black wardrobe, etc), you’re due for a little playtime. It's important to note that the 'play time' I'm referring to costs absolutely nothing. Not a dime, which can't really buy you much these days anyway.

Remember those lose-track-of-time moments when all you needed was your best friend, a stoop to sit on, and a sunny day (read: these were some of the best times in my life while living in Boston and sitting on the stairs at 833 Beacon)? Not so much? Well my friends, it’s time to jog your memory…

If you happened to get inspired by this picture, allow me to give you a quick list of what you’re going to need to re-create this carefree, flailing-around, hair’s-a-hot-mess-but-you-could-care-less, moment:

1. There's going to be a dress involved. You will be twirling after all, and there’s no better category at accommodating this action than a dress with some volume at the hem. Enter, Issa's Capri Knitted Dress. Stunning and hugs in all the right places. This is a great, more structured silhouette for girls who happen to have hourglass shapes. Love.

2. Bare feet are essential. The robot won’t judge, but you may want to get a maintenance pedi before you head out there. FYI, you will rarely here me advocate a shoe-less moment, let alone one without a high heel, but as 'they' say, when in Rome, or in this case, when out twirling with your robot (or human) BFF...

3. Go into plane-mode. Use of any portable electronic devices is strictly prohibited. If it has an on/off switch, it’s out. You’ve heard the flight attendant say it, so should be nothing new. You know exactly what to do. Let go.

4. Finally, you’re going to need a robot. I’m sure craigslist or ebay will be able to provide something for you. If not, call up your human partner in crime. Easier, more fun, and definitely far more accessible I'd assume.

After all, the art is just meant to inspire. Cue the close-ups:


And there you have it. Four simple steps to get you from droned out, 9-5 Land, to a place where time and money is of no matter at all. See more of my favorite fashion pieces matched up with photography or quotes that inspire here.