Feel Good Friday | 10 Picks to Inspire You & the One Thing You Have to Do

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It's round two of my  Feel-Good Friday posts. Back by popular demand and built line by line with one goal in mind, to inspire.

Why Feel-Good Friday? Because, as an entrepreneur, and human being, I've realized the importance of having an 'ace up my sleeve' when it comes to those days that leave me feeling drained or asking, "um, what am I doing?" Whether your ditching your previous life to go full-force towards your dreams or just gathering the strength to put your left foot in front of your right for the day, it never hurts to have a little help.

I've compiled a list of everything that made me smile and resonated with my inner ten-year old this week. Some weeks they'll be fashion-heavy (it is a personal style & shopping site after all), while other weeks they'll be peppered with insane photography and life-changing posts. The only thing you can expect is to will walk away and head into your weekend feeling inspired. My suggestion would be to take that and inspire others. Pay it forward.

So, without further adieu...

(p to the s: none of these selections are sponsored; this is all me and what I love enough to share with you)


Flowers, especially tulips, make everything better.

source: www.inthecitywithcrystalin.tumblr.com



Need a lift. Fix your eyes on this. "Neon Tamburine" by Georgiana Paraschiv

source: www.society6.com

2 paint


Danielle LaPorte's  "kissing ass, quantum leaps, and the power of being unqualified"

Check out her  '6 1/2 ways to buck the system, walk through walls, and earn qualifications on your own terms.' Genius.

source: www.daniellelaporte.com


Which side are you on?

source: www.theyallhateus.com  

3 left brain right brain


Rainbow cake in a cup? Um, yes.

source: www.emmalinebride.com  

4 cake


Obsessed with the creative montages coming from the brilliant mind of Diana at MissMoss

source: www.missmoss.co.za

5 miss moss

An energy boost via Pinboard vs. Espresso courtesy of Ferhan Talib's (@ www.iconjane.com) Bright Colors Board 
img source: www.missmoss.co.za
6 http-::pinterest.com:iconjane:bright-colors:
Such a cool story. Just goes to show you where follow-thru & resourcefulness can get you. Inspiring. Cheers to  Julie Deane!
Mashable's How This Mom Used Google To Build a Global Fashion Brand
cambridge satchel
This image just got to me. I don't know why, I'm not sure if I care why, I just love it. 
source: www.24hblogdesign.com
7 black and white
A simple, logical approach to significant life changes that starts with the quote: 
‘You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.’ ~Mike Murdock
How to Change Your Life: A User’s Guide from the remarkable and always inspiring Leo Babauta
source: www.zenhabits.net


Yup, I said this last week and I think I'm going to keep it. It's a new tradition I suppose.
You've come to the end of this week's Feel Good Friday list, or really, the beginning of what is shaping up to be an amazing weekend for you.
The only thing left to do is:
Go nap with your cat, play catch with your dog, kiss someone you love, walk outside and let the sun hit your face, try a new route, make a cup of tea, make two cups of tea, one for you and one for your best friend, order the carafe instead of just the glass, the conversation can handle it...You get the point.
Feel that? That's you feeling good.
Take it and go head into your weekend. It's always good to share.

At The StyleShaker we believe 'when you FEEL good, you LOOK good.' We flipped the well-known saying on it's head for a reason. How do you capture that serotonin-filled feel-good moment everyone's always chasing? You create it. But you don't have to do it alone. The StyleShaker is here to get you inspired, excited, and in the end, help you take your personal style to levels you never thought possible. Aim higher, think bigger, walk into every day feeling confident and always, ALWAYS ask for help (a sign of strength, not weakness; took me awhile to figure that out) or know it's here if you need it.

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Or, just keep check out more inspiration that will have you redefining what's possible when it comes to your personal style here.