Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm an Hourglass Body Type Looking for Something to Wear This Weekend

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I'm an Hourglass Body Type Looking for Something to Wear This Weekend

Hourglass Body Types, it's time to fill in the fashion blanks with a look that's all about how to upgrade your casual weekend vibe in seven easy steps.Hourglass Body Type Looking for Something to Wear This Weekend

sources: 1 Dolce & Gabbana T-shirt (, 2 Diane von Furstenberg Two Tiered Pleated Skirt (, 3 MICHAEL Michael Kors Asta Double-Buckle Sandal (, 4 MADE Fair Trade Cross Body Satchel Bag Tan (, 5 Pamela Love Earrings (, 6 Jack Wills Whinfield Belt (, 7 Giles & Brother Serpent Cuff (


The top: When it comes to an Hourglass body type, this tank could be very dangerous, in a good way. This tank, with the emphasis on the neckline and the structured shoulders is a quick way to pull focus to, well, some of your best assets. We're all about looking at what you DO have instead of pointing out what you don't over here, and this tank is a quick way to put that into action. Body conscious? Yes, the tank that is. You on the other hand, if you're comfortable doing it of course, should run with this look. The fitted top won't throw things off balance with the skirt because you're bringing natural proportions to the table that will fill things out well. Layer a cardigan over this tank if you need a little coverage, just keep it lightweight, streamlined, and neutral in color.

The bottom: Pleats can work for an Hourglass body type most of the time, and this is no exception to that. The skirt is going to accentuate your hourglass hips with the small, drop-waist seam that cuts extends out to a fuller pleat. There's some nice movement going on at the hem which is a great thing to have working in your favor. The print is bright and will bring plenty of attention to the lower half of your look which is ok since you will be balancing things out on top.

The rest: The sandal will add some height and extend the vertical lines going on here which is important when you're dealing with a bold skirt like the one being shown. If that heel is a tad too high for what you'd wear on the weekend, opt for a wedge where you'll get the same height with a bit more comfort. Layer-up on the bracelets if you want, or just keep it simple with the one. As for the earring, definitely throw something a bit more boho into the mix, or at least something more substantial than a stud. The cross body bag brings it all together and makes it a full-on weekend look.

The ONE thing you need to know: if you're a curvier Hourglass, you're going to want to toss out the belt. If you have a little extra volume at your waist, go with a heather-grey or darker color on the tank, OR, you could keep the white and incorporate a fitted cardigan into the mix. One more thing to note is the heel. Keep the heel in this look. Since the length of the skirt falls below your knee, you're going to want some added height where you can get it.

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