Crossing It Off the Fall 2012 Essentials Shopping Checklist. Feels So Good.

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The term 'essential,' refers to something that is a., absolutely necessary, and/or b., something that is indispensable. Combine those two and you've essentially (pun, intended) got the word nailed down for how I'm choosing to use it on this Fall 2012 Essentials shopping checklist update.

The Fall Essentials checklist was born out of my absolute necessity to figure out what I'm going to be wearing this Fall. I consult for a luxury retailer so one could imaging, what I wear holds some definite weight. It matters whether people like it or not. I happen to love it, I just don't take it too seriously.

My days are also filled with advising my Virtual Closet Consultation clients on what they can do with their own wardrobes to have them feeling amazing every day, so, how could I knowingly prance around in an ensemble that isn't spot-on? Do as I say not as I do is worthless to me. Actions speak louder than words. And nothing gets me to act faster than a deadline (Fall has arrived), oh, and a list.

The Fall 2012 Essentials Checklist is the starting point for each season. I create it, you cross-reference what's in your closet against the list, then, to fill in the 'holes,' and build your core closet, you get a little guided shopping, category by fashion category.

And boom, the wardrobe starts to come into fashion focus. It's about taking the trends and translating them into something that works for you. The shopping couldn't be more simplified, it's done for you, and the looks to inspired are served up for dessert. Solution-based shopping may not sound sexy, but when you throw it all together and feel confident in what you're wearing, sexy my friends, is an understatement.

Here's the list with the latest updates crossed off:

Check out the latest additions to the checklist from boots to totes by clicking on the images below:

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