One Creatures from the Wind for J.Crew Sweater Tee, Four Ways to Wear It: Look 2

I Love a Good Ways-to-Wear it Moment. It All Begins with a J.Crew Sweater Tee. See Where the Look Takes You...

Allow me to introduce to you, the J.Crew sweater tee that inspired it all:


The goal is to take one sweater and create four, go-to looks for all types of occasions. Here is look 2, just one more take on how to wear it:

The layering makes this the perfect look to take into Fall and winter (maybe add in a scarf, gloves, etc as the temps drop). A flare leg trouser, especially the 'Hutton' from Rachel Zoe, is extremely flattering and lengthens almost any leg line. The rest of the equation comes together with some core closet pieces and a final pop of color from a platform pump.

Shop the look:

[SlideDeck2 id=9901 iframe=1]

Not every pick in the look is for everyone. Cue the StyleShaker closet, our virtual closet with hand-picked pieces pulled weekly to line the walls (while they're still in stock; always a constant battle).

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Reminder: This is round two when it comes to how to wear this J.Crew sweater tee. See the previous look here, and stay tuned for the final 2 looks (1 sweater tee, 4 looks)....

Time for a little Q&A for those searching for fashion advice. Here's where you ask us how to wear that pair of pumps you've had in your closet for months now, or the tank that still has tags on it. Shoot a quick pic of the item in question and get back a quick style solution:

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