Clutches | 14 Reasons Why You Should Refresh Your Clutch Collection. Here Come the Holiday Cocktail Parties...

It's Time to Dig In & Shop Fall's Best Clutches, 14 to Be Exact...

Clutches, clutches, clutches. Well, I've done it. I have finally done it. I've become clutch-obsessed. I have taken a high dive into the deep-end of this classic evening accessory that receives far too little attention, and I'm not even interested in getting out the floaties or coming back to dry land. The water's just fine. Come on in.

Time for the clutch's rightful fashion cameo, well on The StyleShaker at least. Meet the Top 14 clutches (I couldn't handle editing down to ten so you get a bonus round on this one), to shop right now.:

[SlideDeck2 id=8542]

Figuring out what to wear and wear to shop for it will safely cover the first two parts of any style equation. The missing link to this puzzle lies in how to wear the look.
Clutches aren't going to be too complicated, there's no style science project, but when it comes to covering the finishing touches on any ensemble, a little inspiration never hurts. See a few takes on how to wear the clutch below:

1. Christian Siriano Spring 2012- via 2. via: 3. via 4. via 5. DVF Spring 2012- via 6. Anja Rubik-via 7. Antonio Marras Spring 2012- via 8. via

If 14 isn't enough, and honestly, when you think about it, when is enough really ever enough, keep the shopping momentum going strong. There are more handbags of all sizes, from clutches to classic satchels, all lining the shelves of The StyleShaker Closet (a running wish list edited down weekly for inspiration) ready and waiting for a quick glimpse. See what I'm talking about:

Shop all of the hand-picked, well, handbags, right here. Start below...

 Clutches fall into just one of the countless essentials that need to be added to your Fall shopping list, or, added to the list of items you need to rediscover when shopping your own closet. See more trends to stay on top of as the temps drop, what to wear, how to wear them, and where to shop for them, all right here.