Fashion Mad Lib: I'm a Rectangle Body Type Looking for Something to Wear Out on a Weekday

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I'm a Rectangle Body Type Looking for Something to Wear Out on a Weekday

Rectangle body types, pull off a polished boyfriend jean look in 5 simple, shoppable steps:

I'm a Rectangle Body Type Looking for Something to Wear Out on a Weekday

sources: 1 J.Crew Tweed-sleeve top (, 2 J.Crew Vintage straight jean in Abbott wash (, 3 Zara Suede Leather High Heel Court Shoe (, 4 Zara Worn Leather Clutch (, 5 J.Crew Fanned leaf necklace (


The top: The contrast in pattern on the shoulders is going to bring the eye right to the top of your body. This works in your favor Rectangle body types, because you'll be creating proportionate embellishments with the boyfriend jean on bottom. A little balanced emphasis on top and bottom will help round out your naturally straight silhouette. Speaking of bottom...

The bottom: The boyfriend jean is a trend that not all body types can pull off. So, Rectangle body types, rejoice, you can cover this one easily. The added volume on the jeans, combined with the distressed details, are carried seamlessly by your versatile frame. If you're more petite when it comes to height, make sure you keep the heel going strong. Our styling suggestion is to fold the hem of jeans up to create cuffs, just a few inches tall. If you cuff it off, you're going to really want that heel in there to extend the vertical eye-line.

The rest: The addition of a statement necklace with a little color takes this look from basic to interesting. As a Rectangle body type, can carry the additional 'oomph' at your neckline, so go for it. An easy black bag works as well, staying in-line with the relaxed, yet pulled-together, feel. When have you ever gone wrong with a black pump right? The answer should be 'never.' If that's not the case, let us know, we need to hear about it. The pump takes this look from super-casual to a bit more cleaned up in one, quick, step.

The ONE thing you need to know: If you're not feeling the black pump, you can always go with a nude, peep-toe version, a wedge sandal depending on temps, or even a flat sandal if you have some height to pull that off.

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Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear Out and About Today




sources: 1 Jonathan Saunders Poppy angora-blend sweater (, 2 J BRAND 'Maria high rise' skinny jean (, 3 Jerome Dreyfuss Ponyhair Carlos Tote (, 4 Manolo Blahnik Pointed Toe Suede Pump (, 5 House of Harlow 1960 Metallic Flatpick Necklace (, 6 Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses (


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The top: Rectangles, the extra volume on this top is not going to be a problem. If it flares out too much at your natural waist however, you may want to throw in an extra layer of a fitted jacket (leather, maybe a blazer, etc.) just to be sure you don't lose your shape entirely. Since the sweater is basic and you do want to have a little something going on up there, the necklace comes to the rescue. You can definitely afford to go big with this or any other statement necklace (there are always new options lining the virtual shelves of the closet, link below).

The bottom: Skinny jeans aren't for everyone, but when it comes to the Rectangle body type, you will have no problems. For most types, if there's a skinny, there should be a heel, but Rectangles, you have options. Go with a ballet flat, a flat riding boot, or keep the pump. You can also play a bit with the wash on those jeans. If you wanted to do something a bit more distressed, possibly in a grey back to the pink, it's possible and it will flatter you silhouette.

The rest: We already touched on the pump. Feel free to swap it out depending on the agenda or your mood for the day. You're good to go with the necklace (per above). The bigger the better, especially when worn back to a substantial knit like this sweater. As far as sunglasses go, work with your favorite pair. The Wayfarers are a classic, and relatively universal, but they're really being used more as a placeholder for this look.

Then you have that bag. Really, this is a sweater and jeans look that you have elevated with a couple of key accessories. The bag is a big one. Not into animal print? No prob. The goal here is to use accessories to pull the look together, update it, and polish things off a bit for what would have been your run-of-the-mill daytime look. Go with a neutral if you're feeling, well, neutral. Or bring in a print, etc. This is the addition that let's you make the look your own and just gives good style street-cred. You know how it is. You see the look, then you see the bag (or shoe, or both) and you think, "Wow, ok, she knows what she's doing." That's what's going on here. It's simple, see?

The ONE thing you need to know about this look Rectangle body types is, you don't want to have that sweater steal the show. Don't let a knit cover up your body too much. Hiding behind your clothing never works. Instead, go with a more fitted sweater option or just layer a blazer or streamlined black jacket over this one.


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Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear Running Around on a Weekday


I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear Running Around on a Weekday

Rectangle body types, here's a look that elevates any weekday style routine you have going in seven shoppable steps:I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear Running Around on a Weekday


sources: 1 Zara Cotton Blazer (, 2 J.Crew Vintage  V-neck Tee in Stripe (, 3 MiH Jeans Marrakesh Kick-flare Jeans (, 4 Madison Harding Ben Woven Sandal (, 5 MADEWELL The Transport Tote (, 6 Tory Burch Jordan Wire Hoop Earring (, 7 NARS Semi-Matte Red Lizard Lipstick (


The top: Rectangle body types can work a stripe like none other. Why? Because you have a natural column-like shape, so the horizontal striping won't draw the eye-line too far out to the left and right. Actually, the addition of a few curves on top balanced out with a little emphasis on your lower half is what you're going for, so, the tee works well to start things off. Bring in the white blazer with a dramatic lapel, and you bring even more volume/attention to the top. It's all fine and good because you have plans for the bottom half of the ensemble that will balance things out. The bottom: Speaking of the bottom, these jeans are perfection. They hug right at the hip, fit through the thigh, and flare out slightly at the hem. That small flare at the hem, even though these are a boot-cut, is going to be what flatters your Rectangle body type. They're a universally flattering shape in then denim world. The next time you're out shopping (or in shopping in the Closet, link below) you will be able to recognize that, yes, this is the kind of jean you should go for. The rest: Since you have a lot of black-and-white going on here, a little injection of color is called for It's as simple as throwing in a bright red lip. Easy. Blot to tone it down a bit, or opt-out of the lipstick and brighten things up with a gloss. Little touches like this elevate any look. They're small, yet effective.

The tote is going to be a go-to, everyday, wear it to work or running around, kind of tote. Perfect for travel as well (read: if your laptop is your traveling partner in crime, it just found it's new home). The pyramid heel on the sandal is THE most comfortable thing in the world. Fine, it's not a slipper, and yes, a wedge does pretty well too, but the pyramid heel is something to keep in mind if you want some height that will get you from point A to B without wanting to cry your eyes out (read: if you've ever felt like wearing a three inch platform pump through the streets of Manhattan running to market appointments or [insert your agenda here] was a good idea only to find yourself buying two dollar flip flops three hours in at the closest Duane Reade, you know what I'm talking about). A subtle earring finishes things off. Every woman should have a little something like this in her closet that isn't a statement piece but isn't a stud either. This is your middle-man earring. Know it, love it.

The ONE thing you need to know when you pull off this look is that you want to keep the jewelry super simple. You may be tempted to throw in a necklace or larger earrings. Fine, a hoop is an option, but less is more. The lapel and the striped v-neck tee bring plenty to the table without having to add anything else. The goal is to keep your top half balanced out with your bottom half, and Rectangles, that means you need to create emphasis on those two opposite poles of your body. It's easy to do, you just want to be wary of how much you're adding into the mix. Follow the look above as a guide and go from there. Above all, you should feel good when you leave your closet and walk out into the day so take this inspiration, make the look your own, and hit the ground running (um, because you actually CAN in those shoes! ah-mazing).

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Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear During the Week for Lunch

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I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear During the Week for Lunch

Rectangle Body Types, it's time to fill in the fashion blanks with a look that's all about how to upgrade your everyday ensemble in seven easy steps.Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear During the Week for Lunch

sources: 1 Dolce & Gabbana T-shirt (, 2 Diane von Furstenberg Two Tiered Pleated Skirt (, 3 MICHAEL Michael Kors Asta Double-Buckle Sandal (, 4 MADE Fair Trade Cross Body Satchel Bag Tan (, 5 Pamela Love Earrings (, 6 Jack Wills Whinfield Belt (, 7 Giles & Brother Serpent Cuff (


The top: Rectangle body types, this look is on-point for you when it comes to a Spring/Summer. The tank is definitely body conscious and will hug a bit, but the details on the shoulders and neckline will help add a little something to bring some attention where you may not normally get it. Layer a streamlined cardigan over the tank if you need additional coverage on this one. You could also go with a bright white blazer or black as well if you're going to a working lunch. Just make sure the blazer is fitted and hits a sweet spot below the waist but above your hips.

The bottom: The pleated skirt is your friend, not to mention gorgeous in this case. The print is subtle but the color is bright so you're going to be bringing some serious focus to your lower half, which, as a Rectangle body type, you can do without throwing things off balance. The best part about the skirt is that it fits through the hips and has a seam right at the thigh that's going to create a little extra volume and movement. These details are going to help bring some balance to your naturally straight lines.

The rest: The heeled sandal is pretty scandalous for some. We get it, not everyone can pull off a four inch (ish) platform sandal during the day. Remember, use these looks as inspiration. You don't need to try and squeeze yourself into the look. Instead make the look work for you. Rectangles, if you're wanting something a bit more realistic since you are running around, you can go with a neutral wedge, lower heel on a sandal, or even a flat sandal if you have some height. Actually, it's why this look is so amazing for the Rectangle body type, you can get so many variations on one theme that will all flatter your shape and add curves where you want them. The belt can stay or go, depending on what you're in the mood for. A great option would be to layer in a lightweight grey or neutral cardigan, and belt it on the outside. The jewelry is a little more vintage and bohemian in look and feel, aligning with vibe on that skirt. You could also turn this into a full-on 'prepster' moment by opting for some studs and a more demure chain bracelet. The cross body bag just pulls it all together in a casual, but sophisticated way.

The ONE thing you need to know: If you do want to add a bit more coverage, make sure the top layer isn't too loose. You want to go with something that is more fitted so your shape doesn't get lost in the shuffle. If all you have is a cardigan with a bit more bulk, the belt is going to come in handy when you cinch things up and define your waist.

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