The Black Blazer | Shop the Top 10 Favorites for this Wardrobe Essential

I'm on the hunt for a client and my laser-like fashion focus is aimed at all things 'black' and 'blazer.' This is an essential to any closet and yet so many of us have sub-par variations on the theme. It doesn't even take throwing down massive quantities of cash, it just takes an eye for what construction is going to work best for you. From there, shop, try, shop some more, try some more, and get the perfect fit (don't forget a good tailor can help with this one; no need to pull your hair out through the process). 

Actually, all you technically have to do is click. The shopping has been done for you (it's how we roll). Scroll away at today's top 10 favorites when it comes to the classic jacket we all know, need, and love. From favorites like Smythe that top out at a higher price point, to the classic boyfriend blazer at Topshop, the gift that keeps on giving (it's been on the shopping list for several clients and they AH-dore it; no exaggeration). The gang's all here:

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