Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm an Apple Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear Out at Night




sources: 1 Ralph Lauren Black Label Fluted Sleeve Top (, 2 Theory Nenna Pant (, 3 Clare Vivier Foldover in Green Apple(, 4 Steve Madden Reeldeal Wedge Sandals (, 5 Oasis Elastic Metal Petal Waist Belt (, 6 ACNE Wilde Black sunglasses (, 7 BCBGMAXAZRIA Modern Cuff (


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The top: When it comes to the Apple body types, we usually steer you towards clean lines and classic cuts on top. Should there be a v-neck on top of that, bonus-round. This black blouse covers the clean lines, the classic cut, and sure, may not have a v-neck on it, but who needs it when you've got something this universally flattering to work with?

The bottom: The slight flare at the hem on this pant is perfect to balance out an Apple body type's proportions. You need a pant just like this in your closet. Go pick it up, get it tailored to you, and take care of it because it is gold. You can get warmed up on all of your shopping, pant and otherwise, in our virtual Closet of course (link below).

The rest: You are going to need some color on this one, unless you're going through a goth period, in which case, we will kindly direct you to another site because we just aren't skilled in that area. But for those Apple body types out who like a little color in their lives, play with the accessories. In this case, the kelly green clutch is where you can make the look your own. Go for your favorite color, print, metallic, whatever. You have options to pair back to the all-black clothing background. The sandal, although in a faux exotic which sounds bold, acts as a neutral in this equation. Not to mention the fact that it is going to be hidden under the pant hem, so definitely don't put too much styling energy into that. Keep it simple, neutral, and move right along. The cuff is pure power. It's bold, it's great for Apples because it brings the focus below your waist and will balance out your proportions further. Sneaky right? Ah, so simple, so easy. You've got to love it. Or at least we do, but by now that should be obvious.

The ONE thing you need to keep in mind when wearing this look Apple body types, you may be tempted to lay a necklace over this top. Don't. Earrings are ok if they're understated. If you're petite, lose the belt. It will just cut you off rather than elongate, and you'll most likely feel ridiculously uncomfortable sitting down in any position. Comfort is key to feeling good in a look. Don't sacrifice it completely (let's be honest, a four inch heel isn't necessarily comfy, but it's do-able, unless you live in San Francisco and plan on walking somewhere for more than two blocks) for the look or else the whole point of elevating your personal style goes out the window. Feel good in what you have on and get out there. It's totally contagious. Share the style love people.



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