5 Pencil Skirt Options to Shop for an Upcoming Interview

A good friend of mine is about to be in the interview chair for the first time in a long time, and nothing helps build you up for that better than feeling good about what you're wearing.

I've been known to wear the same Burberry jacket to several interviews because in my mind, it's my cape. I'm superwoman in that thing.

The environment my friend will be walking into, eh hem, I meant power-walking into, will be business casual. The word 'casual' when applied to attire is a definite change of pace (understatement) from her current role that has her walking the halls of a major luxury retailer where the morning greetings are a simultaneous combination involving the quick up-and-down scan of what you're wearing and the words, "good morning." They're multi-taskers over there.

The 'clackers' do exist, but they're much friendlier in real life.

Trust me, you get used to it, but casual dress is definitely not on the radar when you spend practically every waking minute working in that kind of environment.

So, the name of the game is finding the perfect pencil skirt that will hit the sweet spot of looking polished without coming across as stiff or uppity. Is that even a real word? Googled it, evidently it is. Moving along...Here are 5 pencil skirt options that will help her get in the right frame of mind to ace the interview, as if she needed any help. The woman is brilliant.


1 Velvet 'Eve' sequin pencil skirt


2 Reiss Tan-tor Seamed Pencil Skirt


3 Max Mara Schermo Skirt


4 Tibi Techy Mesh Pencil Skirt


5 J. Crew Long No. 2 Pencil Skirt

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Sure, the laser-like shopping focus of this post is the pencil skirt, but why stop there? Keep the momentum going and shop the closet by clicking below:


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