There's 20 More Where That Came From: The Latest Top 20 Shopping List Picks

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It's Monday which means, well, it means a few things... Sure, some of those things can be a little Debbie Downer (read: morning commutes, classes, a futile dependency on hitting the 'snooze' button, and so on). 

Why not elevate the end-of-the-weekend, 'meh'ness' mood and change it up a bit, right?

Sure, you could go get a triple, mocha, double shot, milkshake (let's be honest, it's not 'coffee'; b. why throw down $5 on that when you can get TONS of deals and free stuff by subscribing to the monthly Body Type Lookbook anyway?), or possibly chow down on the cupcakes that are still in the break room for an instant sugar-high followed by the inevitable sugar-low/internal 'why did I eat that' guilt-ridden internal dialogue...OR, you could take a mini-break and feast your eyes on some fashion.

Is it really that tough of a decision? Nope. Step away from the week-old cupcake. You can thank me later.

Click on the image below to check out the latest Top 20 picks in one edited-down, uber-curated, shoppable hit list. There are so many pieces out there that we simply cannot squeeze it into our monthly, on-line, Body Type Lookbooks (if you haven't already, pick up a FREE version um, like, right now), but that doesn't mean these gorgeous picks shouldn't have their day in the StyleShaker sun.

Sure, these shopping picks may not have made it into the What's Your Type Style Guide (also FREE; what? I know, it's getting a little ridiculous over here) or monthly Lookbooks, but we just couldn't leave them behind, hence the Top 20.

One final note: these picks sell out. I'm not just saying that to be cutesy (technical term) or create a false sense of urgency. Nope, it's a fact. They won't ALL sell out, but enough do, hence weekly updates or else you'd be looking at a list of gorgeous things that are no longer available and nobody likes that.

Enough chatting, on to the Top 20. Click thru to the Closet (the mother-load of all our edited shopping on The StyleShaker) and scroll down the page. They're all there waiting for you!

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