This Sunday: Meet The One-Piece That Restored My Faith in Swimsuit Shopping

A trip to Lake Tahoe was the catalyst for me to hit the swimsuit shopping circuit this summer. I have my go-to's in swimwear, but they're all two pieces and I wanted another option. Plus, thanks to the trends right now (a sentence I rarely say), a one piece is a very viable option.

So, I went on the hunt for one-piece swimsuits on-line because I can't be bothered with a fitting room situation and that lighting. I'm not too good for it, I just would rather gouge my eyes out with a plastic spoon than spend my free time putting on and taking off behind a slated door at a department store. 

Here's what I found:

Red Carter Pop Culture Reversible One Piece Swimsuit- was $185, on sale for $129.50 at

I fell in love with the print, was freaked out a bit by the cut, but when I saw that it was reversible I had to click. I bought this puppy in two sizes because I was making my home my personal fitting room.

I just time buying in bulk and returning what I don't like around billing statements so things process quickly and balance out in the end. Pretty simple, just takes a little planning (and I'm speedy on returns because I can just drop them off two feet away from where I live so it's a bonus). 

So, what did I think?

I loved it. 

The print is obviously bold and not for the timid. It also happens to be the perfect camouflage. 

The neckline dips low, but the racerback managed to keep everything in place (everything= C cup). 

And then I flipped it inside-out to get the full-on, black and white pattern. Love this but liked the color more. 

There's your close-up on that print. It's pretty stunning. It is trendy, yes, but it's on sale so I don't feel as bad about that and I think this will hold for the next few years. Let's recap:


  • The print is really gorgeous in person plus it hides anything I don't want to be seen
  • The material is slinky and well-constructed. It's actually very comfortable. I could sit in this and not be worried about a wardrobe malfunction
  • It's on sale. How could I not love that?
  • It's also not too high on the hips. It has an 80's vibe without looking ridiculous is what I'm trying to say


  • I still have issues with spending over $100 on swimwear, mind you I don't flinch on spending twice that for jeans so go figure. I'll get over it though, but I'll always look for a sale and shop swim in September when it's marked down
  • The low front is very va-va-voom. If I need something sporty, this isn't the suit
  • If you want coverage on your bootie, this is NOT the swimsuit for you. I am OK with it for now (pending a few more sessions with my favorite Jillian Michaels routine), but it's definitely for those who don't mind showing the world what they're working with as they walk away


In the end, I was so happy with this pick. I kept it, went to Tahoe, never wore it, and now have an excuse to book a beach getaway. "Best laid plans..."


This Sunday: I Can't Stop Wearing These Bracelets. Getting to Know Adriana Neves...

After working in luxury retail for over a decade (yea, that happened), I've grown to root for the emerging and independent designer that puts in major sweat equity with unflinching passion, knowing full-well that, to say the future is uncertain would be an understatement.

I respect the hell out of anyone going after their passion with integrity, a little insanity (it's necessary at times), undeniable talent, and grit, especially when they can produce something that is so simple, and so easy to weave into my everyday life. Because um, it's all about me? Lol.



I was lucky enough to get an email from Adriana Neves a few months ago. That communication was quickly followed by a little delivery to my house in San Francisco for a product review. Love that.


Three bracelets to layer up or wear solo, plus a curved necklace that I've discovered, goes with pretty much anything I have in my closet.


Now, I pride myself on being brutally honest with my reviews, and this one will be no different.

I'm picky. It's true. Years spent in the industry touching, feeling, even smelling (yes, it was a known trick to smell leathers on designer handbags so you could get a sense of quality; gasoline-esque fumes on the latest "Prado" bags are not just reserved for the gems you can find on Canal Street) means I'm just that girl. The one that can find a flaw in a millisecond, but also knows nothing is perfect.


These pieces from Adriana Neves are on my wrists and/or neckline a minimum of three times a week. Fact.

I wear them all, the, time. And I tend to get compliments whenever they make a cameo. 

Find them on ENTER CODE THESTYLESHAKER25 to receive 25% off through September 2016 only!

Find them on ENTER CODE THESTYLESHAKER25 to receive 25% off through September 2016 only!


  • The overall aesthetic is something I'm drawn to for everyday essentials. So many clients have asked how to incorporate jewelry into a look to elevate things a bit. Here's how.
  • The weight of the necklace feels right. It's sturdy, not flimsy.
  • Price points are incredibly reasonable. Yes, we all know you can hop on another discount site, spend less, and get something maybe similar-ish (?not quite), but it will a. not last, b. smell like a jar of pennies, c. turn your skin fun colors that aren't so fun at all, and d. do all of the above. 


  • I wish I could have tried out the rings, but hey, I get it. Adriana was generous enough to send over what she did for a fair and honest review. So fine, I'll just pony up and get a ring. I can handle that.
  • Truly, this is a one-bullet list. I adore this designer and her collections. You will too. And, for September, at a discount of 25% EXCLUSIVE to
  • Enter code: TheStyleShaker25 at checkout to redeem. Yea, it's good to be a StyleShaker people.

Ok, back to my Sunday couch time.

Wishing you a Happy Sunday, as always. See you next time-


This Sunday: Even I Didn't Expect to Love These Neutral D'orsay Pumps, But I Do. I Really, Really, Do.

Set the scene:

I'm in Nashville visiting the fam and mom and I hit a nearby DSW because, well, we needed avocados and the Kroger we went to was next door to a brand, spanking new DSW (that wasn't planned at all of course), so we found ourselves strolling the shoe aisles yet again.

I was on the lookout for work basics like pumps. Mom, well she was just on the lookout in general. 

As soon as I saw these I had two distinct thoughts within a millisecond of each other:

1. Nah, those? Franco Sarto? (This was the luxury retail buying office snob rearing her not-so-cut ego again; hey at least I'm honest about it)

2. Um, wait, I kind of love them. Ok, where's the 8 1/2? 

I wear heels quite a bit, but that doesn't mean I prance around in four-inchers all day, every day. The heels on these are 3 inches and the pitch (read: angle between the heel and arch) is at a very comfortable angle. 

If you don't wear heels, read another post, these will not be an option. I'm just sayin...

If you do, there are just a couple of things you need to know:

1. Buy foot petals and heel huggers. This is one more reason that I buy a half size up. There's space for additional padding and that means happy feet.

2. You can still (at the time of writing this) buy them HERE. Did I mention they were under $50? Oh, and did I mention I'm buying them in black? Yep. They're that comfortable. You can read the reviews and you will see I'm not the only person singing their comfy praises.

3. You may or may not want to treat them for water protection. I live in California and have not seen rain in months (sad, but true) so I'm good to go. 

4. They go with ev-er-y-thing. This is why I always have a variation of this type of shoe in my closet for warmer or just temperate weather.

When you're standing there looking at your shoes wondering what to wear with those pants/jeans/etc. these are the puppies that will save you the agony of trying on eight pairs before getting to a decision.