This Sunday: Meet The One-Piece That Restored My Faith in Swimsuit Shopping

A trip to Lake Tahoe was the catalyst for me to hit the swimsuit shopping circuit this summer. I have my go-to's in swimwear, but they're all two pieces and I wanted another option. Plus, thanks to the trends right now (a sentence I rarely say), a one piece is a very viable option.

So, I went on the hunt for one-piece swimsuits on-line because I can't be bothered with a fitting room situation and that lighting. I'm not too good for it, I just would rather gouge my eyes out with a plastic spoon than spend my free time putting on and taking off behind a slated door at a department store. 

Here's what I found:

Red Carter Pop Culture Reversible One Piece Swimsuit- was $185, on sale for $129.50 at

I fell in love with the print, was freaked out a bit by the cut, but when I saw that it was reversible I had to click. I bought this puppy in two sizes because I was making my home my personal fitting room.

I just time buying in bulk and returning what I don't like around billing statements so things process quickly and balance out in the end. Pretty simple, just takes a little planning (and I'm speedy on returns because I can just drop them off two feet away from where I live so it's a bonus). 

So, what did I think?

I loved it. 

The print is obviously bold and not for the timid. It also happens to be the perfect camouflage. 

The neckline dips low, but the racerback managed to keep everything in place (everything= C cup). 

And then I flipped it inside-out to get the full-on, black and white pattern. Love this but liked the color more. 

There's your close-up on that print. It's pretty stunning. It is trendy, yes, but it's on sale so I don't feel as bad about that and I think this will hold for the next few years. Let's recap:


  • The print is really gorgeous in person plus it hides anything I don't want to be seen
  • The material is slinky and well-constructed. It's actually very comfortable. I could sit in this and not be worried about a wardrobe malfunction
  • It's on sale. How could I not love that?
  • It's also not too high on the hips. It has an 80's vibe without looking ridiculous is what I'm trying to say


  • I still have issues with spending over $100 on swimwear, mind you I don't flinch on spending twice that for jeans so go figure. I'll get over it though, but I'll always look for a sale and shop swim in September when it's marked down
  • The low front is very va-va-voom. If I need something sporty, this isn't the suit
  • If you want coverage on your bootie, this is NOT the swimsuit for you. I am OK with it for now (pending a few more sessions with my favorite Jillian Michaels routine), but it's definitely for those who don't mind showing the world what they're working with as they walk away


In the end, I was so happy with this pick. I kept it, went to Tahoe, never wore it, and now have an excuse to book a beach getaway. "Best laid plans..."