This Sunday: Saying "Hello" & "Goodbye" to Mara Hoffman's Slit-Front One Piece. Still Swimsuit Shopping...

The hunt for the one-piece of my dreams continues. Next up, Mara Hoffman's Slit-Front swimsuit that just got marked down.

Mara Hoffman Slit Front One Piece Swimsuit, $218, $109-

Mara Hoffman Slit Front One Piece Swimsuit, $218, $109-

So...where to begin? This will be quick. 

The print is gorgeous and very Mara Hoffman.

This suit is Coachella material if I've ever seen it. All I would need now is a metallic body tattoo and round frame sunglasses. 

It's also true to size, which I was totally surprised about.

I usually buy my normal size and then one size up when making my home my swimsuit-trying-on-fitting-room. And yes, usually the one-size-up option just feels better. But not today...

So why did I say "hello" and then "goodbye" to this one? Here's the review:


  • The print. As you can see, it's a bold one and I'm all for it. It will probably elicit love in some and "WTF?" in others. I was in the former group. Pure love.
  • The keyhole slit at the neckline. It shows skin without being a skimpy two-piece on days when I just want more fabric. You know what I'm talking about.


  • I have been blessed with a bootie and hips. Curves are a part of my genetic makeup and thanks to squats, they have only been accentuated. Thing is, as a result, pants and bottoms can get pulled, making the fabric cinch around my upper thigh and dig. For those ladies with an hourglass or pear shape, you know what I mean. The bottom half of this swim suit is cut a little bigger and as such, was way too tight around my upper thigh. Not a fan.
  • I also couldn't handle the tying on the back. I love that you can adjust the width to whatever you feel like, but it just never felt secure. 
  • Hence..."bye bye"


Super-cute, just not for those with curves on the lower half mainly due to comfort issues. When seams dig in, it's a no-go.

If you're more column-like in silhouette, this is a definite option for you!