LOOK #1 


Bring on the printed jean! If you're going to go big on the bottom half of the fashion equation, keep it simple on the top half. Balance things out a bit, but you can still throw in a pop of color. This is a great look for Apple body types. With the tunic falling away from the body at the hips combined with the seriously bold print on the pant, you are guaranteed to balance out those Apple proportions.

Who should avoid this one? Pears, this is not your best ensemble bet.



printed jean:

3 crossbody bag:

4 open-toe pump:

5 earring:

6 cocktail ring:

LOOK #2 


A little leather detail along the sleeve on this top adds both polish and some edge. Navy will always work back to black, hence the black skinny jean that is beyond versatile. 

Keep the vertical line going strong and elongate a bit with the addition of a heeled sandal. A deep burgundy clutch adds some sophistication, earrings will frame your face with some bright light, and finally, the cuff plays well back to the leather sleeve detail on top.

Pears, this look is perfect for your body type. The leather sleeves and bold earrings bring the attention up where you want it to be while neutrals streamline the rest of your body. 

Who should avoid this one? Apples, move along to the next option.



2 jean:

3 sandal:

4 clutch:

5 earring: 

6 cuff:  

LOOK #3 


Color therapy? Yea, we've got that covered with this neon mix and match for cocktails. If you want to mix into the crowd, this is not your look. If, however, you want to inject a little color into your evening, have at it.

The look is perfect for an Hourglass body type, highlighting your naturally balanced proportions.

What body type should avoid this look? This look is relatively universal when it comes to the shape of the dress, clutch, and sandal (color withstanding). Pear body types, however, may want to opt out of the dress and go for something that shows no ruching, additional fabric, at the hip.


1 dress:

2 bootie:  

3 clutch:

4 earring:

5 bracelet:

LOOK #4 


Keeping it casual, that's the name of the game with look #4. A lightweight blouse, back to some distressed skinny jeans, make this the perfect option for a more polished (thanks to those pumps) weekend look. Throw in a flat if you want to take it to the next level of 'easy-weekend.'

This look is perfect for Rectangle body types. The seaming details on the blouse are going to add some shape, and the fit combined with the distressed details on the skinny jean will also give the look and feel of curves where there may not be many.

What body type should avoid this look? Pears, you can do this if you swap the skinny jean for a dark wash, bootcut jean. Apples, go with this look only by opting out of the statement necklace and go with a blouse that has a deeper v-neck.


1 blouse:

2 skinny jean:

3 bag:

4 kitten heel:

5 necklace:  

6 bracelet:


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