Does The Jillian Michaels Six Week 6 Pack Workout Actually Work?

My Results: The Jillian Michaels Six Week 6 Pack

I had tried the Jillian Michaels "6 Week Six Pack" a year or so ago. Real talk: it was a half-assed attempt, and as such, led to half-assed results. 

I wanted to know if I could finally commit to (not just talk about doing it) five days of high intensity workouts a week, for six weeks.

I also wanted to get stronger (I'm a cardio kinda person and while I love it, I realize it's just not enough). Note that I'm not saying I'm trying to lose weight here. I just wanted to get my body strength up. 

Could I stick it out for six weeks? Does this routine work? Find out my results:

I didn't go too far into what I was eating on this video, but I am well aware that what you eat will absolutely affect results, especially when abs are involved. So I'm giving you a quick look at what I was eating daily.

Keep in mind, I do not diet (this you already know if you've seen my favorite guacamole and best-bread-ever recipes), I don't like the idea of it.

What I do is shift things up a bit. Deprivation is not an option. I put better fuel in, so I can perform better. Better input, better output. You've heard it before. Consult a physician on this one because every body is different. My goal was performance and strength building, not weight loss. #bodypositive  

Here's a glimpse of what I ate (I fluctuated between what I ate every day and went with one of the below options for every meal):


  • steel cut oatmeal topped with dried goji berries, cinnamon, and coconut oil, plus coffee or Ricore when I need to keep my cortisol levels in check 
  • breakfast burrito with organic eggs, half an avocado, spicy salsa, an organic tortilla, and whatever else I can squeeze in there (spinach, onion, whatever)
  • my go-to smoothie which is protein powder (I like this one), cinnamon, frozen blueberries, a little maple syrup, and a handful of spinach


*I now eat two small lunches during the day. The hangry'ness of it all started getting to be too much, so I eat less, more often.

  • a delish soup from my favorite spot next door (I go for a turkey chili or Italian wedding soup, but also love a veggie soup too) 
  • arugula salad, smoked turkey, avo (yes, I eat a lot of avocado), baby tomatoes, cucumbers, and my favorite new (healthy) honey mustard dressing 


*Keep in mind, I eat oddball dinners unless I'm cooking for someone. I like tapas-style eating so inevitably, I pick from whatever's in my fridge. 

  • rotisserie chicken, broccoli, brown rice
  • another smoothie
  • baked sweet potato with greek yogurt or a little chicken
  • wild card combo (whatever it is, I keep portions small)

It should be obvious at this point that I'm not a nutritionist. I try to get in some serious greens when I can, and I'm super guilty of not getting enough lean protein for the amount I move, so I'm upping my numbers on that these days. I also knock back about 8 S'well bottles of filtered water (ZeroWater filters are my favorites). Water is everything. I know, it's a lot of water, but it makes a difference.

I also pressed pause on my wine during the week and made sure to get enough sleep. Everyone needs different amounts. I need eight hours. Leaving out the wind-down glass of wine or alcohol helped improve my sleep, and I kept away from a lot of caffeine during the day (cut-off was 2pm if I had any coffee).

This menu is not applicable to my weekends. No rules on Saturdays and Sundays, but I did find that even though I would indulge, I never wanted to stuff myself silly. The portion sizes stayed small. 

There you have it!

Ready to give this workout a go? Let me know...

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