Here's What I Thought About Crossfit

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SO sure, fine, yep, I tried it. I sucked it up and I went to my first FREE class at Crossfit in Burlingame. I was petrified. I had built this up for weeks prior to finally biting the bullet, and let me tell you, walking into a Crossfit gym, sorry, "box" on my own, was as daunting as you think it would be. But I did it. I filmed this video the following week. There was a week after the first class before I would go into what they call a Foundations Course where I'd learn proper form so I don't get injured, etc. 

Current update: I've stalled out. I'm nothing if I'm not 100% real with my followers so there you have it. Why? I'm not sure. I'm still super active, but I think I was expecting to at least get a call from them. Truth be told, it may sound ridiculous, but the fact that I'd be shelling out close to $200 a month and received zero follow-up after my first trial class left me very underwhelmed. It was a negative class, but I guess the millenial in me wanted to be wooed? I don't know honestly. I think I thought too hard about it, too much about it, and it killed it for me. Similar to when I'd ask my older brother to replay the Backstreet Boys over and over again when he'd drive us to high school in Nashville and his response would be, "no Brittany! You're going to ruin the song if you play it too much!"

I hated when he'd say that. How could I ever get sick of the Backstreet Boys? Right, well, once again, he was right. And this Crossfit adventure was just like that. Watch the video to hear more about what I did and what I thought in case you're summoning up the courage to give it a shot. I say try it. If you never try, you'll never know, right? Right. I'm now supplementing my Crossfit classes with, um, a Hip Hop class in Palo Alto next weekend. Yep, I'm allowed to change my mind and shift to the other end of the spectrum.

Here you go: