I May Never Shop for Tampons In-Store Again. Meet Lola.

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Me, 1 year ago: "100% organic feminine care product delivery to my front door during that time of the month? Why yes, yes I will sign up. Why not?

A little over a year ago, I was hesitant to try Lola out (www.mylola.com), for whatever reason, but I got beyond it and am so glad I did.

It all started after I learned more about feminine care products in this country, and subsequently, that the FDA doesn't regulate them. Not cool, and sadly, not at all surprising. Do you know what's in your tampons? Well even if you do some research, you may not know all the fun little toxic ingredients because, and this is a doozy, manufacturers aren't required to disclose that information. Whaaaaaaa? Yep. 

Anyway, all fear (and frustration) aside, the sheer convenience of this 100% organic tampon delivery to my front door had me swooning with anticipation. Here's what happened:

Oh, real quick, I was not paid to say any of this. I'm sharing my honest review with you, as I always do. Ok, on to the video. 

I review Lola 100% organic cotton tampons and feminine care products

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