Can We Talk About RMS Beauty Lip Shines?

RMS Beauty is a name I've been hearing a LOT about lately so I had to try it out for myself. Since I was in the market for a new lip gloss, mainly because the Nars lip gloss I've been using on heavy rotation is a little, well, erm, toxic, I went with the super popular "Lip Shines" they offer.

You'll hear me mention this in the video, but lip gloss pots have not been a part of my makeup routine in awhile, like, not since those little lip pots from The Body Shop were a big deal.

Tangent: omg do you remember how much fun those were? #memories #90s

Moving right along...I bought two colors, one was a big winner in the review category, and that color is called "Honest." The other color spoke to me, and is anything but an everyday neutral color. That second hue is called "Content." I kept one pot. Which one? 

Good question. Click to find out:


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In other news, you can shop these little lip shine gloss pots right here if you feel like taking one for a spin:

As always, thanks for watching. 

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