The 80/20 Shopping List 101 (the condensed version):

In Week 2 of The 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide I talk about building a Core wardrobe and updating everything with a few Trend pieces every season.

Here's how you use these lists:

  • Print out the list. Check, boom, done. Nice!
  • Take inventory of what's already in your closet and check off any items you already own (and, AND, love to wear/feel good wearing; if that isn't a part of it, then leave the box unchecked). I.e. If something on the list is hanging in your closet, check off that item. Go through the entire list.
  • FYI: Every line beginning with 'C' is a core piece. See examples of these 'Core' essentials here.
  • FYI: Every line beginning with a 'T' is a trend piece. See examples of these 'Trend' pieces here.
  • All lines beginning with 'B' are for your Outfit Blueprints. You can preview the guide here to learn more. The Outfit Blueprint Boards are here, here, here, and here.
  • Once your list is checked and good to go, you will be left with your wardrobe's exact needs. You know have your shopping list for the season, and you'll find it's 80% Core pieces, 20% Trend pieces.
  • Head to your favorite on-line or in-store spots to get your 'shop on,' or you can go straight to my Shopping Hit List where the digging is already done for you.
  • Questions? Need help? Contact me here.


Click the images below to open up the files in a new tab. Print from the new tab & you're all set!