Please answer these FIVE quick questions and we will be ONE step closer to our collaboration!

I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully, featuring your brand on my channel!

Thank you🙏

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1. Is your product packaging (container, not shipping materials) created from 100% recycled materials? *
Is packaging made from 100% recycled plastic/material?
Is the product packaging created from a smaller percentage of recycled material? Are you working towards this goal?
2. Is your product packaging 100% recyclable? *
Is your product packaging only a small percentage recyclable? Do consumers need to go through an alternate program like Terracycle to properly dispose of this packaging?
3. If your product is featured on my channel, would you be willing to offer my subscribers a % off/promo code? *
4. Are you a part of an affiliate program? *
Are you affiliated with Shareasale, etc.?
5. If you're not a part of an affiliate program, would you be able to offer me commission on products sold? If so, what percentage? *

I look forward to working together :)