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Get out of your rut. Transform your life. Inside-out and outside-in. Let’s do this!

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Room service.



If you’re trying to change your life in a positive way, whether it has to do with swapping out toxic for non-toxic beauty, or figuring out how to take better care of yourself from the inside-out, the form below is your starting point.

TheStyleShaker.com is a guide to Whole Beauty, inside-out and outside-in. Maybe you just need to find a great green beauty foundation dupe. Cool. Maybe you’ve been talking about making some changes in your life for months now and need a little coaching to help guide you along the way. Fabulous.

Whatever it is, now is your chance to reach out and ask for help. Fill out the form below to get answers and some one-on-one time with yours truly. Once you click the “send” button, the adventure begins!

THIS IS FREE, SO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT: ** FYI- I offer my initial sessions for free, whether it’s via email or 30-min call.

Ok, quiz time :) Have fun with it!

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