Wednesday's Shopping List | 6 Shoe Picks You Haven't Seen Yet

Wednesday's Shopping List | 6 Shoe Picks You Haven't Seen Yet

That's it, it has officially happened, I've gone into shoe overload. And yes, it's very possible. And no, it's not necessarily a mindset I would deem unpleasant (quite the opposite actually; figuratively speaking, Imelda and I are like two peas in a pod on this topic). The goal was to get shoe-specific on this one, pick a category, any category, and go with it, but with all the new arrivals out there, it was near to impossible to stay on the straight and narrow be it all pumps, all flats, or all sandals. So goes life, and plus, variety is a good thing right?

Check out the hit list of our top 6 shoes to shop right now that will have you transitioning out of summer temps and into those cool fall nights:

(click the image to shop)


1 Charles Philip Sheila Chevron Flats


2 MICHAEL Michael Kors Vivienne Pointed-Toe Suede Flat


3 Maison Martin Margiela Ponyskin Sandals


4 Vs2R Platform Pumps


5 Jean-Michel Cazabat Ella Suede d'Orsay Pumps


6 Jeffrey Campbell France Suede Boots

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Every week, the virtual shelves lining The StyleShaker Closet are updated by fashion category. Our top twenty picks from tops to denim, shoes to handbags and beyond, are curated by our savvy editors and served up weekly all for you.

Six shoes are just the beginning, as you know by now. Check out the fourteen other hand-picked pieces that made it into the Closet for the week and get 'em while they're hot!

Inspired? Good. See more on what to wear and how to wear it here.

Pick of the Day | Barney's Criss Cross Nude Ankle Strap Sandal

Closet essentials, the basic pieces everyone should have in their wardrobe, don't have to look basic. Case in point, the nude, criss-cross ankle strap sandal from Barney's Co-op below. There's magic in any nude heel, be it a pump or sleek, strappy number. Why? When added to any look (sidenote: assuming the beige hue of the shoe is not contrasting too much with your own skin's natural hue) a neutral, beige shoe will never cut the vertical eye-line of a look at the ankle. It extends it and elongates your silhouette, and really, unless you're passing five foot ten (jealous), who doesn't love a good stylish streamlining moment?

Meet today's pick:

barneys sandal

One fabulous, ankle strap sandal pick? I mean, who do you think I am? Right, one pick is never enough. See more shoe picks, from nude hues to everything under the rainbow, so you keep the shopping momentum going strong. It's always good to have options (especially when they're uber-edited down to the top shopping picks):

Looking at a shot of a shoe (whether it's an ankle strap sandal or knee high gladiator boot) is one thing. Sure, there's a Pavlovian response when it comes to seeing the perfect shoe, but that's just part of the equation when it comes to down developing your personal style. How to wear the thing is another, completely essential piece of the pie. Here are a couple of takes on how to pull that off taken directly from the runway. Think: inspiration...

runway remix

1. Antonio Berardi Spring 2013 2. DKNY Spring 2012 3. Carlos Miele Spring 2012 4. Carven Spring 2012


I love a good shopping moment. I love product as much as the next girl, and, my god, give me an hour scrolling through runway picks and I happily slide into a blissful (yet somewhat catatonic) state of being inspired. But, and there is a but, I also like to go a bit deeper when it comes to finding things that resonate in life. Enter, the zen moment piece of the post. Words can inspired you as much as the next strappy sandal, sometimes (gasp) even more, but there's something to both ends of the spectrum. For now, it's time to take a minute and hand the spotlight over to the written word, in quote form, with fun little graphics attached because I seriously can't help myself:

zen moment


I think we complicate things in life. I say this because I do. At the end of the day, when all the thoughts are done spinning around up there and when I'm left sitting in my small corner of this world to think for, oh I dunno, a second or two, I tend to focus on the one thing that makes me smile, that brings me back, and that is love. Giving it, getting it. For me, love is the great equalizer and comes in every form possible, some that you may not even have thought of yet. Every one of us defines love differently. I know my definition. Do you know yours? Just a little food for thought post-shoe obsessed shopping moment.

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The Perfect Pump, A Ladies Shoes Chupacabra or Not? Shop The Top 10 Pumps...

Why Is Finding The Perfect Pump Such a Shopping Battle? Well, Not Anymore. Shop the Top 10 Pumps Out There

Every woman needs a pump in her wardrobe, but you already know this. So I'll move on. Finding that elusive pump, the one that flatters, fits, and is realistic when considering the act of walking like a normal person throughout your day (i.e. comfortable), is entirely different story.

You've got your basic black pump, an essential in it's own right. This time it's about a variation on the pump theme from leopard print to pointy toe, and the list goes on...Slide through the deck to shop the top 10 pump picks.

[SlideDeck2 id=8914 iframe=1]

A little refresher for your Fall closet is always a good thing, but let us not forget the importance of shopping one's own closet. You never know what goodies you may find in there that may just need a heel cap or some love from your local cobbler.
You have the 'what to wear' part down. Now it's time to get to how to wear it. A pump can be a no-brainer to any fashion equation, again making it one of the most beloved essentials in any shoe closet. But there are still plenty of new ways to pull off a pump that you may not have thought of yet. Here's to getting a little inspiration and perspective on a classic:

1.look 1, BLK Denim Fall 2012 RTW ( 2.look 2, Willow Resort 2012 ( 3. look 3 ( 4.look 4, A.L.C Prefall 2012 ( 5. look 5 ( 6. look 6, Collette Dinnigan Resort 2012 ( 7. look 7 ( 8. look 8 (

So you've got 10 pump picks, but if that's not enough, by all means, keep the browsing momentum going along. Shop more shoes lining the shelves of the StyleShaker closet here:

Have any fashion questions of your own? A new pair of shoes or printed skinny jeans you just got your hands on but have no clue how to wear? Get your style advice by shooting over a quick note including a link to what you need help with and we'll pull together some looks for you asap.

See more when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.