• Create on-line closet of client's current wardrobe (private site; client takes pics or I hire someone to go in and do this)
  • On-line overhaul: Skype session, decide what stays and goes so client is left with streamlined inventory
  • Generate personalized shopping list and 1 week of new looks using what's already in the client's closet
  • Add-ons: free profile + prelim consult (30 min)


  • Week 1 of the month, send 4 core and 1 trend shopping pick (personalized to what the client's wardrobe/life looks like and where they want to take it/what she needs).
  • End of month create 7 new looks that incorporate on-line closet & shopping picks that stayed
  • In-person option avail: Stylist handles purchasing and delivery of the product, delivers to client's home (or schedule appointment at Stylist's studio in SF), fitting room session, create 7 new looks using on-line closet pieces and new picks; Price range $X-$TBD depending on location; buy 2 months, get each session for $DISCOUNTED, use whenever, not have to be sequential)
  • On-line option: Client handles delivery and purchasing of product, stylist creates (adds) 7 new hybrid (using online closet and new shopping additions) looks to on-line lookbook (with notes). Starting at $X/mo