Help Make The Next Shopping List!



I listen to every product request you send over (I love getting them), and thought it would be fun if you helped me figure out what to shop for next! All you have to do is send your vote and/or request.


“The more votes a product receives, the higher it moves on the list, the sooner it gets featured on the channel! Wheeee…”

make my shopping list


It’s simple. Add your “vote” to anything listed below, or send a new suggestion for me to try, by filling out the quick form!

  1. Enter your email. *Your privacy is important to me. I will not share this information!

  2. Send the name of the product(s) you want to see featured on my channel next. I’ll update the tally on this page so you can watch along!

  3. Hit “SEND.” All done.



  • Mad Hippie- 5

  • Root Pretty, Pretty Booster Tinted Moisturizer- 3

  • Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara- 5!

  • Root Pretty Highlighters- 1

  • Eco Face Tan Water- 1

  • Nudestix Blur Stick- 1

  • Weleda Skin Food- 2

  • Honest Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes- 3

  • W3ll People Baked Highlighter- 2

  • Jane Iredale Concealer- 1

  • Jane Iredale Eyeliner- 1

  • Estelle & Thild Foundation- 1

  • Suntegrity Impeccable Skin- 1

  • Hush + Dotti Concealer- 1

  • Sappho Mascara- 1

  • Noto Botanics Multi Benne Stain Stick- 1

  • RMS Tinted Un Powder- 1

  • Maya Chia Highlight of the Day- 1

  • Suki Skincare- 1

  • Omiana BB Cream- 1

  • Hiro Cosmetics- 1

  • Juice Beauty Foundation- 1

  • Beekman balm- 1

  • Minerologie Mascara- 1

  • La Bella Donna- 1

  • Cocokind ‘sticks’ for cheeks/face- 1

  • INIKA eyeliner/pencils- 1

  • INIKA liquid eyeliner- 1

  • Odacite- 1

  • Vapour Beauty Lip Gloss- 1

  • ZuZu Luxe Mosaic Illuminator- 1

  • Shea Moisture Cream Cleanser *I still need to check ingredients before I buy

  • Honest Beauty Gel Cleanser *I still need to check ingredients before I buy

  • Malaya Cleansing Oil *I still need to check ingredients before I buy

  • Earthwise Beauty Marshmallow Cleanser *I still need to check ingredients before I buy

  • Fitglow Beauty Oil & Cleanser- 1

  • Fitglow Beauty Palette- 1

  • Body Deli *I still need to check ingredients before I buy

  • Among The Flowers Lip + Cheek Tint