Home page sample:

  • redesign; main hero image will be a template you can switch out; this can also be a slider to show multiple images linking within the site
  • top nav streamlined to 4 pages (*I put custom in there, but could also be an opportunity to call out bridal for wedding season)
  • email acquisition: would need to setup an email account so you can start compiling a list in one location *IMPORTANT TO HAVE
  • re-brand/streamline branding using specified fonts/colors, etc. To keep this consistent going forward on all channels. 
  • 100% SEO optimized
  • 100% mobile-responsive
  • cart functionality
  • search functionality

Category page sample:

  • Load all images and easy updates when new collections come in
  • Ability to add product titles down the line and pricing
  • I would recommend having all consistent images or it confuses the eye, just a UX thing :) 
  • Count on page can vary accordingly; fully adjustable
  • SEO optimized
  • Responsive

Product page sample:

This may be quick and easy just to get things up and running since I don't currently see copy. I would suggest just getting products up and running and then sending over copy/etc (unless you already have that?) to plug in after the fact.

  • Optional down the line features could include "You May Also Like" functionality. Great for conversion (ex. NeimanMarcus.com).

About page sample:

  • Adjust layout and imagery for easier readability
  • Copy and paste what you have
  • A great opp to include product reviews
  • Should also think about having a VIP sign up here that goes to an email list just in case

MUST HAVES, ESSENTIALS FOR MVP (minimum viable product) Phase 1.


  • 100% SEO/responsive, on Squarespace
  • Re-branding or really, more consistent branding message/images/look & feel, revised UX
  • Social media channel integration (what you already have integrated on the site)
  • Total pages: *pls confirm, 9-10 landing (this includes home, about, FAQ, and top level category pages) + 50 or so product pages = 60-70 total
  • Training (1-2 hrs)


  • Get up and running on Stripe which involves:
  • Creation of Terms & Conditions page
  • Creation of Shipping and Return policy information
  • Setting everything up on the back-end to a. take orders and b. capture customer information
  • Product information on product pages (*this will definitely change scope SO I'm going to say this is a "maybe" out of the gate depending on your budget)





  • Setup high level editorial calendar & systems to help automate email sends + social posting (depending on what is most important to your business)
  • Graphic assets to use and edit
  • Potentially break out Custom area
  • Additional training


  • Enhance product pages: image consistency, product details, etc.
  • Seamless shipping update experience for the customer (notifications, personalization, etc)
  • Include YMAL functionality and possibly reviews on specific pages