Style Sheets, no. 1: Fringe Bags, Lace Skirts, & an Arrowhead Ring

Shopping, it's what the weekends are for, right? Juuuuust kidding...kind of. 

Digging through thousands of products to find a few favorites that make me smile (and my friends/clients) is my passion (read: obsession), not yours. Weekends happen to be my prime time for doing these "digs." 

Take a look at what I found this weekend. Every item on here stopped me in my online scrolling tracks. See why:

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1. BRALET |  2. MULE  |  3. EARRINGS  |  4. CLUTCH  |  5. FRINGE HANDBAG  |  6. RING  |  7. SKIRT  |  8. NAIL VARNISH