6 Ways to Wear Sequins. Holiday Season Has Arrived...

Ever wonder how to wear sequins without looking like your taking the ice during a figure skating championship? Yes, me too. Here are a few sequin-covered outfits to get you thinking outside the skating rink (or go-to sequin cardigan you got on sale but have no clue how to wear) box:

30 Must-See Outfits Perfect for a Black Friday Brunch

I turkey coma is slowly lifting which means...brunch! More food. Here's what to wear out when you are up for rallying this Black Friday:

Ways to Wear Jean Jackets That You Haven't Tried Yet

Frayed Hem Jeans, Nine Ways to Wear The 2016 Trend

How to wear frayed hem jeans is on deck for today's roundup. 

Ok fine, I'm not a sucker for trends. Far from it actually. I also don't ascribe to the notion that just because it's a trend, you need to give it a shot. Not all trends work for all body types, let alone all aesthetic preferences. Soapbox rant, or rather statement of the obvious aside, there are those few trends that sneak their way onto my radar and manage to stick around.

Frayed hem jeans happen to be on of those sticky trends. 

Check out nine ways you can give this trend a try-on and see if it works for you:


These 30 Outfits Are Perfect for Pear Body Types

Pears, unite! Ok, I'm well aware that women don't like being put in a fruit-shaped box when it comes to your silhouette, so use the "pear" reference as direction. It's dated, but it's tried-and-true. Basically, if your lower half is a bit wider than your top half, a. congratulations, all silhouettes should be celebrated and adored, and b. this quick list of outfit inspiration is for you. Check it out: