Q&A: What Should I Wear With This Jumpsuit for New Year's Eve?

You bought it, now you have no clue what to do with it. Sound familiar? Right, well this is a common theme (a.k.a my styling business was built on it) when it comes to wardrobe woes, so you're in good company.

Last week I received an email from a close friend (one of my very first clients) asking what she should wear for her upcoming NYE festivities. I figured, why not pop it into a post? 

FYI I love (LOVE) getting these questions. They're like word problems for my mind, but significantly more enjoyable than what I was graded on in school. 

I saw the jumpsuit she purchased (I'm a fan) and then pulled a few on-line picks she could either shop quickly, or simply use as a guide. Example: One of the suggestions I had was to pair the jumpsuit with a statement necklace. If she sees a statement necklace that looks similar to something I sent over to her as a suggestion that she already owns, she can use that. 

Ensemble problem, solved. New Year's Eve festivities, here we come.

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. Have a question about something in your own closet? Send a note to me here.

Sometimes it's fun to see how someone else would put a look together for you. 

For now, check out the suggestions I served up for Stacy based on her style profile (profile = her body type, her preferred aesthetic, and overall lifestyle, taking into account geographic location; these are all things I learned within the first ten minutes of chatting with her back in the day):

what to wear q & a: what to wear with a jumpsuit for NYE 2016 

what to wear q & a: what to wear with a jumpsuit for NYE 2016 

First up, if you love the jumpsuit, you can get it from Nordstrom here

Here are the options I sent Stacy to help her figure out how to complete the look:

  • Shoe option 1: Loving the idea of keeping the strappy sandal in a pale metallic like this one
  • Shoe option 2: Instead of just a regular ankle strap sandal, I liked the idea of a lace-up heel like this guy from Steve Madden
  • Shoe option 3: Or, you could just go full-out with this embellished heel from Vince Camuto
  • Jewelry option 1: you could opt for an ear climber or jewel encrusted statement earring, but, I'm feeling a statement necklace with this strapless action. Try this geometric gold necklace from Lulu Frost. 
  • Jewelry option 2: Or you could go with something more vintage in look and feel like this "clustered stone' statement necklace from Rebecca Minkoff
  • Jewelry option 3: Finally, there's this edgy deco necklace option
  • Clutch option 1: This snakeskin clutch works with this outfit equation and can be used with a number of other ensembles
  • Clutch option 2: A classic foldover clutch works  as well. Try the dove grey or black, either will work and both are super versatile
  • Clutch option 3: If you opt for the toned down beige lace up sandal, go with this off-white envelope clutch from Rebecca Minkoff