My Favorite Skinny Jean Right Now: Drumroll Please



So yep, Banana Republic is the brand coming out of my mouth and onto this post. Banana, freaking, Republic! I've tried Paige, J Brand, Frame, Current Elliot, all of them, and honestly, these are my go-to skinny jeans.

They're comfortable, they don't lose shape, the wash is on-point, and the fabric at the knee does not, stretch, out. 

I can be relatively picky about denim (understatement). I will not bat an eyelash or hesitate for a second if the fit or wash is slightly off. I have spent twice as much on skinny jeans and the letdown has been twice as harsh.

These skinnies just work for me, and life is good because Banana Republic is always on sale (plus I have their BR card so I get ridiculous rewards and promotional access; not a paid spokesperson mind you, I'm just a fan of the perks). 

Jeans can be tricky though, so I recommend going in and trying a ton on. Different body types call for different cuts and different brands vary widely on silhouette, let alone sizing.

Book some time next week, after the holiday shopping chaos, grab a friend, possibly a glass of wine beforehand, and go on a denim try-on spree. You don't have to buy, but at the end of the day, if you never try it on, you will never know. 

For now, here is my current pick. I buy the ankle version because I don't like skinny leg jeans bunching at the hem. If you have height, go with the regular version. On that note, I've found Paige jeans (here is a pair I love at to be super accommodating to my taller friends and clients. AG skinny jeans usually fits curvier body types in my experience (here is a pair to check out). Frame has some fabulous denim options if you're willing to throw down some cash (or credit). I'll stop there. I feel a massive denim round-up post coming soon...

Up today, my Banana Republic skinny jeans:


A shot from the closet: