Coat of the Season Huh? Hmmm...Debatable.

The site:

The question (see below):

The first coat I see when I open up the slideshow & consequently the last coat I see before leaving the site:



My answer to: 'Do You Own the Coat of the Season?'

If this is the coat of the season then, no, I don't own it, nor am I in the market for it.

I mean, it just sort of makes me laugh. I'm all about trying trends out, but baby steps people, baby steps! Head-to-toe Pepto pink is really best kept to runways or street style bloggers vying for a shot that gets featured in, um, well a hugely popular fashion site like Refinery29. A site I happen to really adore, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to call them out on something like this, or at least, share the giggle I had after checking out the picture with my readers.

Cracks, me, up. 

Pink is a Spring trend. Right, got that. So I have a quick question for you:

When is pink or pastel not a Spring trend?

If fashion history has shown us anything, pink tends to be the sugary-sweet step-sister of 'floral' every year when we start talking, 'springtime.'

So fine, fashion is relatively predictable when boiled down from the runways by the retailers because, yes, a bottom line needs to be met. If you, the consumer, don't have a distinct sense that, without getting this [trendy pick here], you're completely out of the fashion loop, then sales take a hit. But let's not play, you're smart, you know what's up, and you won't get fooled. Especially with the following sure-fire approach:

           What do you do when fashion-by-firehose is blowing up your inbox all day long? Don't get sucked in. 

How? Take it all with a grain of salt (fashion should be fun and should make you feel good), pin whatever inspires you for later, and focus...

          Take inventory of your closet. What in there is working for you? What is just holding you back from where you want to be? Trends are completely secondary. 

Once you can clear things out and make space, organize and fill'er up 80-90% with core pieces you know work for your body. The core pieces that make you feel amazing or at least, really good (and maybe even confident). 

Leave covering the trends to the remaining 10% or so, and leverage accessories over ready-to-wear pieces for that. It's about looking good & feeling good. It's not about fitting into a trend. Use a trend to upgrade and accent what you're already working with.

Example: Silver is all over the place. Instead of getting silver sequin pants, or a disco-ball cardi, warm up to a 'trend' with a silver sandal from Zara or possibly an envelope clutch in a distressed metallic.

Start small, keep it simple, have fun, and above all, don't take it too seriously. I mean, with that coat, how could you right?