How Should I Wear The Neck Scarf Trend? Should I Even Try It Out?

Yesssss, definitely give this trend a shot, especially if you don't mind fabric close to your neckline (the turtleneck-averse should walk the other way). It's a great option for almost every body shape...

Outfit Idea #1:

(Based on the Style Request you sent in)

Occasion: Daytime/Casual
Season: Fall
Body Type: Hourglass

Style Advice:

  • Take your typical black-on-black look, tie a simple printed scarf in neutrals loosely around your neck, done. 
  • This isn't the only outfit option of course. Check out the 4 images below for more inspiration/ways to wear the trend.
  • You could always wear a scarf with a t-shirt and bring it into Spring/Summer. Easy.
  • This loose knot works well back to a crew and v-neck top.


+ Lanvin Printed Silk Scarf

+ 'Floral Sketchbook' Square Sandwashed Silk Scarf

Burberry Check Print Slim Silk Scarf


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