ONE-A-DAYS: 1 Closet Tip That Will Get You One Step Closer to Your Ultimate Closet Today (WATCH TIME: 4 MIN, 9 SEC)

One-a-days are my quick tip videos that dive into The Ultimate Closet Guide a bit deeper so you can get the wardrobe organization ball rolling.

Today's video is all about one quick move you can make TODAY that will make it that much easier to get your 'ultimate' closet up and running. The tip? Prep. Right, obviously that's, well, obvious. But I'm focusing on prep in terms of setting yourself up to make some cash while you clean things out. Nothing makes letting go of pieces you never wear easier than knowing you can make a quick buck doing it right? Watch and get inspired!

Ultimate Closet #One-a-Days, New Video: The 1 Thing You Can Do Today Is...

Ultimate Closet ONE-A-DAYS, Round 2

Welcome to my latest YouTube series that covers 1 thing you can do today, right now, this very moment, to get you 1 step closer to your Ultimate Closet, guaranteed.

I pull from the digital pages of my 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide and give you one quick tip you can take with you and use in your personal closet. This round is all about sectioning things off, or what I lovingly call, 'baby steps.'

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