Check Me Out in the January Issue of Real Simple! Gahhhh!

It is relatively impossible for me to express how cool it was to wake up this Sunday, stumble into the kitchen to get my coffee, and see the latest issue of Real Simple waiting for me on the counter.

The real dream-come-true scenario peaked when I flipped through the pages to find my name and quotes from my mouth woven into the latest feature on closet organization and decluttering. It was a big moment for me, IS a big moment for me.  

I break it all down in detail within the pages of my Closet Organization: The Crash Course, but there was something about being able to talk through those closet "theories" with the brilliant editor writing this piece, that had an unexpected, yet entirely welcome, effect on me.

As the words spilled out of my mouth on that call a few months ago, I remembered why I started this business in the first place. And for that realization, or re-ignition really, I am profoundly grateful. It lit a fire: 

The Bye Bye Closet Hang Tags are officially launched, and let's just say that book #3 is no longer just a thought in my mind, it's happening and it will be the most personal one yet...Sometimes all it takes is one epic conversation to breathe new life into your everyday and shift your perspective. 

So, if you haven't already, go pick up the January 2016 issue today!

Holiday travel time is upon us and I can tell you, this is perfect plane-reading material people.

Check out a preview below and thanks again to the amazing team at Real Simple. I'm SO happy to grace your pages: