Fashion Formula: LOFT's Eyelet Jacket + 7 Ways to Wear It

Fashion formulas are part of the e-styling services offered here at Formulas show each client new ways to wear what they already have.

Today's Fashion Formula takes one eyelet jacket from (usually it's a piece from your personal closet) and shows you 7 ways to wear it using a few quickie formulas. 



It's hard to stop myself once I get a great product in front of me. This is where the 'Hour of Power' came from. Technically speaking, I learned the term in a yoga class, but stole it and applied it to styling. Why? Because it fits all too well.

In one hour, I create 30+ new looks for my one-on-one clients. It's about leveraging what they already have. They're paying for the styling service already, why throw down more cash on a massive shopping list? The service started with me so if I wouldn't do it, I certainly won't serve it up to my clients.

I help clients see what they can't see. All it takes is a new set of eyes, well, more specifically, eyes of someone that has overhauled over 200 closets and spent about a decade or so in the fashion industry. That always helps to speed up the process.

Anyway, I digress. Instead of creating looks, I decided to write out the fashion 'formulas' for you. Use your imagination, and if you can't create a visual in your own mind, check out the rest of the inspiration on the site here.