What to Wear to the Gym: Open-Back Tank Top, Sheer Cut-Out Leggings, Red Sneakers

I would have killed for this ensemble idea from none other than Nicole Ciotti of Vanilla Extract back when I was going to heated (read: hot, but not pass-out hot) Baptiste yoga classes on the regular in Dallas. An open back with sheer-cut out leggings is fashion-meets-function-meets-yoga mat, and I like it. I like it a lot:



  • This is a great way to get some lightweight layers into the workout mix, especially if you're going to be sweating like it's your job. Here's to ventilation!
  • Finding the perfect tote to bring to the studio or gym was also an issue for me...until I found this guy
  • I like to  mix it up when it comes to activewear brands, and it's super easy to do these days. Still though, I find myself always going back to Lululemon for the jackets. The yoga pants? Nah. Not so much anymore, just my opinion. But those jackets I just haven't been able to find elsewhere. 
  • That said...I'm still testing out the waters though. Up next, I will be reviewing this lovely from Lorna Jane. It may very well be a contender. More to come on that.
  • For now, go upgrade your workout routine with some new duds because there's nothing quite more motivating than that, or knowing bikini season is around the corner. Whatever works!
  • My opinionated, non-fashion aside: you do not have to be perfect (what is "perfect" anyway?) to wear a bikini. Working out for me has always been for my mind first, and then for my body. It keeps me sane, and as an added-bonus, gives me a great butt. Win-win. What is important though, is that my motivation lies below the surface.