What to Wear Tonight: Jean Jacket, Sweater, Printed Skirt, Lace-Up Sandals

I love the layers on this transitional look, disproportionate as they may be. But that you can easily fix with a few key styling tweaks...

found on  tumblr.com

found on tumblr.com



  • I put in streamlined sweater options (the oversize sweatshirt, while comfy, just isn't going to flatter most) to shop so you don't vanish under double bulky layers, just sayin'
  • The lace up sandal is one option. I love this look with something a bit more classic like this stacked heel, ankle strap sandal
  • Aviator sunglasses work, but so do the good 'ole Ray Ban Clubmasters
  • And if I could pick any shoulder back to go with this look, it would be this one, or wait, this one...still deciding #lifeishard