What to Wear to Workout: A Side Cut-out Racerback Tank Top, Printed Cut-Out Yoga Pants, Colorful Sports Bra

If you go to Barre Method (or yoga/pilates/ok pretty much anything), you may want to add this entire ensemble to your gym routine arsenal. I would wear this everyday, all day...and then proceed to get sick of it and yearn for my pencil skirts and heels (#circleofoutfitlife). But for now, I'm still in the honeymoon phase with this look and love it as a workout option:

found on  nordstrom.com

found on nordstrom.com



  1. A bomb (Cali-speak for "insanely good") workout playlist
  2. Favorite healthy food insta-shots for recipe ideas (now, if only I could get these delivered to me instantly)
  3. Favorite post-workout smoothie recipe
  4. Favorite workout headphones/earbuds ya'll
  5. Favorite make-up removing wipes (definitely a must when sweating)
  6. Favorite hydration method (fruit-infused water is pretty, but I swear, nothing works better for me than this classic)