What to Wear to the Gym: Bright Blue Fitted Pullover, Leggings

Full disclosure: I used to think wearing activewear outside of the gym (i.e. with no intentions whatsoever of working out) was unacceptable. I have completely flip-flopped and changed my mind. It happens. This fitted pullover is just one more reason I now believe activewear and weekend-wear are one and the same (and yes, moving to the Marina in San Francisco only further cemented my new philosophy):

found on  forever21.com

found on forever21.com



  • The activewear jacket is sold out on Forever21 (sad, but true). I found a few others that fit the bill above.
  • Not into the pullover? Try a full-zip jacket instead of the half-zip (this is on the top of my list)
  • Sneaker options are endless. Start here.
  • Must-have gym essential alert: a tank you can move, sweat, and still look good in (like this swoosh of a tank)