What to Wear to a Wedding: Light Pink Long Sleeve Dress

Long sleeves, bow details, and a wide neckline, all covered in a soft pink edge this ensemble into one of the most feminine options for what to wear if you're a wedding guest. Pretty, polished details come in the way of pearl studs and a neutral envelope clutch:

found on  galmeetsglam.com



  1. lip gloss or just balm (this balm has a natural tint and doesn't get goopy like some glosses can)
  2. brightener/lightweight concealer for quick touch-ups (I've use this from Benefit for years; it's light enough but still covers; this is also a luxe favorite from YSL that is basically a miracle worker)
  3. portable, healthy snacks (because I get hangry and sometimes the window between ceremony to cocktail hour is way too long)
  4. hair ties and bobby pins (I get up and dance; this is how I keep the hair in-check and this is a great all-in-one package for it)
  5. there will inevitably be some sort of padding in whatever shoe I'm wearing whether it's a heel grip like this or just something for the ball of my foot
  6. cough drops because I am always freaked out that I'll be the one hacking up a lung right in the middle of a quiet moment in the ceremony (Ricola, every time; on that note, I always bring Advil just incase I over-wine myself at the rehearsal dinner the night before; mingling and headaches do not mix)
  7. business cards in a vintage cigarette case (my father collects them so I've had a "thing" for them since day one)