Day 20 of The Closet Challenge: If You Never Try, You'll Never Know

I'm on Day 20 (one, day, left, gahhhhhhh!!!!) of The 21-Day Clear Mind, Clean Closet Challenge and the topic today is:

A lot of what I'm focusing on in the final stretch of this 21-Day challenge revolves around takes leaps of faith. They don't have to be giant.



When it comes to closet organization, they usually aren't. 

They start small and then from there, they grow.

And when they start to string together a new picture is all of a sudden (i.e. it feels this way but it has been happening for awhile now) comes into focus and once you see that, you can't go back.

The line today, "If you never try you'll never know" comes from a favorite Coldplay song of mine titled, Fix You


Found on

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I left out the last four words on there, but they're worth (pun intended, you'll see what I mean in a second) bringing up now, "If you never try you'll never know, just what your worth."

The amount of effort you invest into trying or going after something is directly related to the amount of belief you have in yourself. 

Self-worth ya'll. Ya feel me?

Some of us were luckier than others and started off with a strong support system.

Some of us had no one to cheer us on and no example of what is possible.

But every one of us knows what they need to try.

I know you know what "it" is. You know it, you feel it, you think about it, you try not to think about it. 

I believe it's our responsibility to listen up and try. Just try.

It doesn't mean we have to do it all on our own. Actually, that's pretty impossible. We need to depend on the kindness of others and ask for help when we need it. That is a strength, not a weakness.

But above all, we need to try.

And if we fall down? Fine. It happens. We all have those moments...


It doesn't matter. Keep, trying. Actually don't try, just do.

Do it for yourself.

Do it because you taking whatever step you need to take may be of service to someone else that needs you whether you know it or not. 

Just (hey Nike, what's up) do it.



One step at a time. One hanger at a time. But I'd love if you could take this one outside of the closet after you start with the closet. 

And should you get knocked down, because we all do, think of this:

Get back up.

Try again, not because you are afraid of what will happen if you don't, not because you're trying to escape a situation you are currently in, but try with the hope that you are going for what you believe in and that is a big deal. 

Day 20, holy mother I have one day left.

BWIT, out. I'm gonna go do something over there...