Day 17 of The Closet Challenge: The Benefits of Forgetting What Time It Is

I'm on Day 17 of The 21-Day Clear Mind, Clean Closet Challenge and the topic is:

Have you ever sat down (or stood up depending on what your 'what' is) and started working on something only to look up at the clock multiple hours later and realize you a. haven't eaten anything and b. really have to pee?

I do that every day and it all usually starts with something I am writing on this site. I'm actually doing it right now as I write about doing it. Whoa, it's like a dream within a dream.

Inception moment anyone?



But still, you know that feeling, or at least I hope you do because if not, this post is totally lost on you. 

When is the last time you did something and time passed without you even knowing it? When is the last time you found yourself in 'flow' when nothing else mattered, nothing else going on around you was on your mind because your focus was so solidly on the task at hand?

It doesn't have to be just one thing either. You may have a couple of loves of your life whether they are people or practices. But starting with one is a good way to go about it. You can build from there...

When you forget what time it is, when you look up and see that you started at 5am and went until 2pm without eating anything, you're doing something that hits home for you. 

It doesn't even mean that thing you're doing is your life's calling, it just means you really enjoy it right then, and right now.

It doesn't mean it has to make you money (this was a tough pill to swallow for me a couple of years ago).

It doesn't mean it has to complete you in some way.

It's simply something you freaking love to do. That is all and that is everything at the same time.

And when you know what that is, it kinda feels like this:



Why is it important to be hyper aware of what "it" is?

Because there's something that happens when you lose track of time. 

Something hard to put into words really, because it is so out there and yet so weirdly familiar. 

When this happens, when time flies and not because you're up all night at the roulette table in a casino pumping the A/C with a never-empty Old Fashioned in your hand,


Whoops, tangent.

The point is, when you are really in the flow of a task, whatever it may be, you are present.

You are here. You are now. Tomorrow's to-do list is non-existent. 

Whether or not you sell the couch before you have to move out in two days is like, a major non-issue.

The fact that you aren't sure if you want to go on a second date with him but you don't know how to say it sort of falls off the face of the planet in terms of importance.

That is why it's important to re-discover what you do when you lose all track of time. 

Sometimes it involves another person, I get that and I love that. But this is more of an individual practice that I'm referring to here. It is solely dependent upon you and you alone. That way, you can make it or you can break it.

The choice is yours. The opportunity is yours and per Day 13, if it is important enough to you to feel what you feel when you find your flow, you will keep going after it.

And when you do, you will be more present. And when you're more present you can see the opportunities in front of your that you may not have been able to see before as you went down the grocery list of life "stuff' you need to take care of.

Life opens up because you actually start showing up for it.

Daily practice is involved. I'm learning this as I go and I'm not a master at it yet but every day that I sit down to write, is a step in the right direction. Right now, nothing else is happening except me writing to you.

And I love that so much. So much.

Day 17, done. Wow, only a few more to go. So THAT happened.

BWIT, off to pack up the place.