Defining Your Wardrobe Uniform & Other Ways I'm Veering Off Topic On Day 15 Of The Closet Challenge...

The topic for Day 15 of The 21-Day Clear Mind, Clean Closet Challenge suggests asking the people closest to you (relationship-wise, not geographically speaking) what they would say they love most about you.

Your sparkling personality?

Your ability to make them smile?



Your ridiculously contagious belly laughs?

Even though I touched a bit on seeking others opinions on Day 12, I don't think we always have to look outside of ourselves to feel good about ourselves, but sometimes, asking those questions can be enlightening.

I love the topic today. Thing is, I just don't feel like writing about it. You have this option too. The 21-day challenge is not written in stone. You can do your own thing. Speaking of...

I want to talk about uniforms. 

I actually don't think they're all that bad.

I'm not talking school uniforms, I'm talking everyday uniforms we wear to work, running errands, teaching class, freelancing at a coffee shop, etc. Whatever your routine, having a uniform helps.

I've worked in fashion long enough to know that I am in no way the girl that wears something new every day. My wardrobe touches on trends here and there (mainly with accessories), but is in no way tethered to them. I go with what works for me, what is usually pretty classic, and then I throw in some sort of 'oomph' to play a bit.

I like trends, I just don't buy into them all that much, literally and figuratively. 

There is something to be said about having a strong core wardrobe you can pull from without having to expend too much effort or energy in the morning. Knowing the pieces that fit you well and make you feel good, is vital to having an high functioning closet. 


When you work with a strong core closet, you can layer on pieces that freshen things up a bit without trying too hard. 

Sometimes a black skinny pant and boatneck striped sweater can be the sexiest thing in the world if you a. feel like your best self in those pieces and b. put your own unique spin on them with a something you love, whether it's an accessory, makeup related, or otherwise.

You can take what you have, if you have a strong core closet, and build from there without having to tackle every trend you hear about. No one has time for that anyway, for real. 


The next step here is to as yourself what your uniform is?

By 'uniform' I'm not referring to a combination of clothing you wear all day, every day. A black turtleneck and jeans everyday (even if it worked for Steve Jobs, I know) can get a little old. I'm talking about the pieces you gravitate towards on a regular basis. And no, not the ones you use when you give up on being 'fashionable.' I'm talking about the pair of pants you know you can always grab and feel good in, or the white top that fits like a glove and flatters like none other. Start with just a few great pieces that you already have and then build...

Try going into your closet today and pulling out three looks you tend to wear a lot (again, not because you're throwing in the towel on fashion but because these are the looks you love). 



Make sure every piece in each outfit is looking good, i.e. isn't pilled, fits well still, holds it's shape, color, etc. If you need to, add a couple of replacement items to the top of this month's shopping list so you can prioritize and get your core looks back up and running.

Once you have those core picks, the foundation of your uniform, soak up a little outfit inspiration. Look at the accessories, the makeup, the hair styles. Look at the details on the pictures you go ga-ga for.

Those are easily incorporated into any core outfit, and they usually cost less than an essential piece you will have forever (and as such, should invest a bit more in).

From there, once you're inspired, shop your closet and see if you can re-create your inspired look. See if you can put a new spin on your uniform. If you need to add a couple more inexpensive pieces to your shopping list, go for it, just make sure they fall below those core replacement picks if you have them on there.

Depending on what you have in your closet, I bet you can double the three looks you started with. 

It doesn't take too much. I think we get overwhelmed with the options (look at the toothpaste aisle; why are there so many toothpaste options?) and lose sight of what is important. It's that core portion of your wardrobe that deserves the love, not the shiny new trends that will come and go.

Build that uniform. Then decorate it. And above all, have fun with it.

*If you run into any issues with this, contact me and I'll see if I can help.


All for now.

Day 15, check and check.

BWIT, out. Gotta go meet up with my 90s crew...

As if.




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