#13, My "Who Says a Turtleneck Sweater Can't Be Sexy?" Look

Wasn't me. 

After a recent PS request asking about whether breathing new life into an old, cozy turtleneck sweater was possible or not, it got me thinking about how many looks I could make with one essential knit practically everyone has in their closets.

So for today, the PS request is, "How do I take a knit turtleneck and transition it into something cocktail-hour worthy?"

Here you go:

My "How to Make a Turtleneck Sexy & Cool" Look


If you're freaked out about the top layer of a trend-forward studded denim vest: Drop it and instead, opt for a streamlined leather jacket or cool printed bomber jacket.

If those heels make your toes squirm: go with an ankle boot (if you have height) or an over-the-knee suede boot (black) instead. The heel doesn't need to be as high so you can give your legs a break. Or, just opt for a simple black, d'orsay pump and call it a night.