#4, My "Whoa, I Really Like This Guy And It's Only The Coffee Date Phase" Look

PS request: "I'm going on a coffee date with someone I really like at work and I'm not sure what to wear. I want to look flirtatious, but not too scandalous since I'll be coming from and heading back to the office. What should I wear?"

Blush baby, blush.

Nothing goes better with a growing crush than the color blush, and no, I'm not even trying to rhyme.

Check it out, and pop that clutch into your tote so you can go into this daytime date with a little less baggage (he he, get it? So wrong, I know)...

What to wear on a casual coffee date.


Here's to a coffee date with a little blushing, a little flirting, and maybe a little of this...



Or here's to a coffee date that leads to a dinner date. Awwww: