What to Wear on a Coffee Date: V-Neck Long Sleeve Top, Layered Necklaces, Gray Scarf, Chain Strap Shoulder Bag

This is one way to pull off warm, cozy layers without bulking up if you're headed out on a coffee date or to grab dinner...

found on instagram @ aylin_koenig

found on instagram @aylin_koenig

Check out the shopping and styling notes below. Keep in mind, I don't usually post exact product matches here unless specified. Why? Because nine times out of ten, what's pictured is usually out of stock or super expensive, or both. If I would buy it or refer it to a client, you'll see it here:

  • A classic gray scarf that you can wrap around or just throw over your shoulders is a great closet pick to have on hand: like this
  • Layer on some necklaces, maybe a watch and a chain bracelet, and you're good to go!