What to Wear to a Holiday Party: Graphic Tee, Sequin Skirt, Sneakers, Layered Bracelets

What to wear to a holiday party? Try something a bit more casual. SoCal vibes on this look:

found on instagram @ mikutas

found on instagram @mikutas

Check out the shopping and styling notes below. Keep in mind, I don't usually post exact product matches here unless specified. Why? Because nine times out of ten, what's pictured is usually out of stock or super expensive, or both. If I would buy it or refer it to a client, you'll see it here:

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  • And you could try this: instead of a graphic tee, go with a solid color gray tee like this burn-out option
  • And then there's this outfit idea: drop the sequin skirt, opt for a skinny black pant with high heels, and throw a big ole' statement necklace (this is a 'whoa' moment) on to dress it up a bit