Day 12: Ask The People Closest To You What They Think You're Good At. I asked, They Told...

 It's Day 12 and I waited until the very last minute on this one.

OK, 20 minutes on the clock (the required writing time/goal I have for this day)...go!

This question is perfectly timed actually. Love that. Grab the popcorn. Here we go...



I've been reevaluating so many things lately.

I find that this is what happens every time I start writing daily. It tends to bring up things I didn't really a. have the time to think about or b. have been avoiding thinking about like it's my job.



If you're close to me, you know how ironic the latter option is. Tee, hee.

I digress...

The one thing people have told me time and again when I've asked them this question, and yes, I have asked it so many times I can't count on both fingers and toes, is that I inspire them.

Whether I inspire them to get the ankle strap sandals I spotted on Zappos or to do something major in their lives, it's still inspiration.

I asked this question so often because I continued finding myself in beige office environments that, while lovely, never really seemed like the right 'fit' as it were. Fun, sure. Filled with characters and brilliant people I could learn a ton from, absolutely. But I always felt like an imposter of sorts. Someone 'playing' manager when in fact, I was inclined to do anything but manage. I'd rather drink coffee and create epic s*%t with amazing people...


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Just because you're good at something doesn't mean it's meant to be your one vocation in life.

Just as I believe we have more than one soulmate, I believe we have more than one job title in us. Way more than one title if I'm using myself as an example, but that's just me. I like to learn, I'm relentlessly curious, and I have this thing about change. I crave it.

I read a lot. Scratch that. What I should say is, I start a lot of books. It's rare that I finish them. Psychoanalyze as you will, but when I read a book and it resonates, big time, there are two things that happen: 1. everything else written within the book all of a sudden fades away so I can really focus on this new 'nugget' and 2., I share. I can't shut up about it.

Yep, I'm that girl that starts the sentence with, "You guys, I saw this documentary last night..." That is me. I'm sure some people find it annoying, but I'm too freaking thrilled about it to care.



So, I continue knowing to keep an eye out for social cues (eye-rolls, glazed over stares, general attitudes of disinterest) between breaths.

The initial intention wasn't to inspire people. That wasn't even on my radar. So when I asked friends and close colleagues what they think I'm best at, I was a little shocked (and ridiculously flattered) that the response I heard most was, "you're inspiring."



The craziest things would come up in these conversations. People would remember certain occasions that I would have never thought of again had they not brought it up. All I could think was, "Really? You got THAT out of THAT?" 

I'm still surprised to be honest. But then again, I often feel this about others...

The best example being my father.

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have reminisced with him about a certain instance in my life that resulted in him saying some insanely brilliant thing that changed the trajectory of my future, only to hear him say, " I don't remember that?"




Seriously. It happens all the time and nope, it isn't age related. This has been going on for years. 

Eventually I'll go into details to jog his memory, and nine times out of ten, I see the light bulb go on. 

He had no clue the effect he had on me. 

And therein lies the craziest part of all of this.

We have no idea how greatly our words and actions can affect others. 

There's a quote about people remembering not what you do, but more so, how you made them feel. Or something like that.

You never really know how you make others feel, unless you ask. 

So try it out. Ask those closest to you. It's kind of fun and you may be surprised at what you hear. 

Day 12, finito.

BWIT, out.