Shopping Q&A: I Just Bought This Madewell Denim Skirt. How Should I Wear It?

Stacy from Florida sent a quick note about a new Madewell addition to her closet. She bought this (fabulous) Madewell skirt and now she needs some outfit ideas:

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I dig so you don't have to. Shop the latest StyleShaker finds. Today's Top 10 were spotted on See why you need to check 'em out:

1. Because your basic white blouse is just that...THE HUDSON TOP

2. Because everyone needs an accessory in the hue of poppy, even if it's a backpack. KARA POPPY BACKPACK

3. Because this watch brand is trending and looking down at your iPhone every two minutes is so last year, let alone see the price. THE HORSE WATCH

4. Because you actually can wear an all-gold dress and look super classy. C/MEO COLLECTIVE SHINE ON DRESS

5. Because a cinched waist top is always a good thing, let alone a trend for Spring 2016. Just sayin. C/MEO COLLECTIVE ALL THE WAY TOP

6. Because you need the perfect black tank dress to wear out and about on vacation. MELROSE TANK DRESS

7. Because you want to wear something different to the cocktail party and not break your budget. PERFECT LIE DRESS

8. Because you've been waiting all year to see how to pull off a cut-out top without looking like a crazy person. FARROW ERA SWEATER

9. Because you're in the market for the perfect shoulder bag. A.P.C SAC JUNE

10. Because everybody needs a ranger hat, right? RANGE HAT

A few of my favorite outfit inspiration looks this week. Follow THIS PINTEREST BOARD to get the latest. For now, here's an edited Lookbook list...